Several Faults in Electric Bicycle

When you ride an electric mountain bike normally, if you feel the car heavy, electric, pedaling, and slow, we call these phenomena hard riding. As soon as you get more and more tired on an electric bike, it is likely that there are seven reasons for this:

Cause of failure 1: insufficient air or jogging gas to increase the rolling friction between the tire and the ground.

Cause of failure 2: electric car ring and brake leather or other parts contact, friction. Elimination method: 1 straighten or adjust wheel 2 adjust brake skin position.

Fault cause 3: the friction resistance between the front and rear shaft rolling bearings is too large. The elimination method: 1 unscrew the shaft which is too tight before and after the center axis; (2) when the chain is too tight and causes the friction resistance between the middle shaft and the rear shaft to be too large, adjust the chain to be loose and tight; (3) if the friction resistance of front and rear axis is too large due to sediment and oil pollution, cleaning should be carried out;

If the parts of rolling bearing are damaged or the friction resistance is too large due to oil loss and ablation, the worn parts should be replaced.