Several Problems That Should not be Ignored When Charging Electric Bike

The charger output is first plugged into the charging socket of the battery, and then the input is plugged into the AC 220 v.


When the 24 inch wheel electric bike is charged, the red light on the charger shows that the charging is normal. Before charging, green indicator light, green light and then recharge 1-3 hours is the best.


After charging the electric bike, unplug the AC power supply, then unplug the battery.


In the case of no charge, do not long electric car charger no-load connection to the AC power.


Can take down electric bike battery box to charge, also can charge directly in the electric bike.


If the battery box is removed and charged, when the battery box is put back after charging, be sure to lock it so as to prevent the battery box from loosening and causing power failure.


It is strictly forbidden to open the power lock of electric bike when charging directly on electric bike to prevent burning charger.


The surrounding environment of electric bike should be ventilated, no fire, must use in accordance with the configuration of the charger, do not disassemble the battery box without authorization.


When electric car charger works, keep it out of reach of children to avoid danger.


Electric vehicle battery light hold light to avoid vibration.