Standard for Charging Facilities of Electric Bikes

In the actual use of electric bike, the charging standard is not uniform problem is very obvious.


After the whole line of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway charging Station was opened, a working group was sent by some enterprises to conduct electric vehicle operation tests. As a result, this car can be recharged at this charging station and that car cannot be recharged.


The reason is that on the one hand, the standards still need to be improved, and at the same time, whether the interface between the facilities and the car really conforms to the national standard needs to be certified. On the other hand, before the original national standard came out, local standards were formulated according to their own ideas, which formed the transition stage.


At present, there are three standards in the world for traditional charging: the first SAE standard in the United States, and the SAE standard in Japan and South Korea. Second is European standards. Then there is the Chinese standard, between European and American standards. This creates three completely incompatible standards.


This year, China has included the interface standard in the new energy vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption catalogue entry conditions, and the next step will also include the new energy vehicle access conditions to solve the problem of weak implementation of the standards.