Take Some Technical Measures to Prevent Electric Bike From Being Stolen

At present, a large number of anti-theft alarm products for electric bike are on the market. Some of the cars themselves have already installed such products. That make china electric bike price is high. These products emit an alarm sound of 80-120 decibels when the electric bike is touched, moved, and vibrated. It can inform car owners of cars, and use its “loud voice” to deter car thieves, forcing thieves to give up. Installation and use of technology to prevent the use of products will greatly reduce the probability of electric bike theft.


In addition, a small trick is to be announced: the proper transformation of the electric bike body and the image of a personalized battery car will often prohibit the burglars.


For example, in the prominent position and main parts of the vehicle, painting their own unique patterns or marks, even in their own identification, can also make car thieves and collectors have scruples, do not dare to steal or protect.


Separation of electric bicycles and batteries as far as possible


Battery is the most expensive component of electric car, accounting for about 1/3 of the cost of the car, and the battery also has the value of preservation, even when the old battery is completely scrapped, its recovery price is also quite “decoy”, so many thieves specialized in stealing the battery.


Therefore, conditional conditions, when parking electric cars as far as possible, electricity separation, in most cases, thieves do not steal cars without batteries.