Three Other Modifications of Motorized Bicycle

Additional battery


Series a section with the original battery of the same specifications of the battery, overvoltage, so that the motor over-frequency operation. Note: after the series position is the switch line, keep the voltage of the switch line unchanged so as not to damage other equipment due to the increase of voltage; In addition, the heat dissipation of the controller should be done well.


Add system group


Purchase a matching motor and controller, battery pack, which is commensurate with the rear wheel of the motorized bicycle. When the torsion doubles, the acceleration increases, and so does the weight of the motorized bicycle.


Other modification methods:


Better and better motors, controllers, batteries. Note that the replacement of the controller is best for the motor w number twice the appropriate. Tips: speed up is dangerous, the modification should be careful, it is recommended that the best not to refit, such a higher safety factor.


Daily charging can make the battery in a shallow cycle state, battery life will be extended. Most chargers charge the battery between 97% and 99% when the indicator lights indicate the charge is full. Although only 1% of the electricity is undercharged, the impact on the continuation capacity is almost negligible, but it also forms an accumulation of undercharge, so the battery should continue to float charging as much as possible after it is charged with a fully charged lamp.