What are the Types of Electric Bike Motors?

  At present, electric bike motor is usually divided into three types, brushless low speed motor, brushless low speed motor and brushed low speed motor.

  Brushed high speed motor. High efficiency of motor, strong ability of overloading and climbing, large starting torque, output power after deceleration through gear device with variable speed, noise.

  Brushless low speed motor. No reduction gear device, no maintenance, no noise advantages. But the controller is complex, the starting current is large, and the overload climbing ability is poor.

  The invention has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, poor starting up – slope overload capacity and large power consumption. Because of the high speed of brushless high speed motor (high speed motor 3000 revolution, low speed motor 500 turn), we need to decelerate gear device to output large torque power, so its noise is relatively larger than that of low speed motor.

  The production process of high speed motor is more complicated than that of low speed motor, the cost is high, the price is about 200 Yuan, like some famous electric vehicles, high speed motor is used.

  Miscellaneous cars, low-grade electric bike, assembly cars, in order to reduce the cost of the choice of low speed motor, you buy electric vehicles, do not because the motor sound slightly wrong choice. Electric bike with high speed motors should sell for more than 2,000 Yuan, while cars with low speed motors should generally sell for less than 2,000 Yuan.

  Users should pay more attention to car purchase, not because the motor is no noise, no wear and tear, and the main indicator of the motor is the efficiency and power of the motor. The biggest weakness of low speed motor is low efficiency of motor, magnetic steel easily faded, heavy weight, poor power, powerlessness, power consumption and so on.

  Last but not least, when buying electric bike motors, it is best to choose well-known brands, which can better guarantee the quality of the product.