Understand the Functionality of Components of Electric Bike Back Wheel


  Electric bike back wheel is a rolling ring elastic rubber product which is assembled on various vehicles or machinery. Normally mounted on the metal rim, can support the vehicle body, buffer the external impact, realize the contact with the road surface and ensure the running performance of the vehicle.

  Electric bike back wheel are often used in complex and harsh conditions. They are subjected to various kinds of deformation, load, force and high and low temperature when driving, so they must have higher load, traction and buffer performance.

  At the same time, it also requires high wear resistance and flexural resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat generation. Half of the world’s consumption of rubber is used in tire production, showing the wheel’s ability to consume rubber.

  The body must have sufficient strength and elasticity to withstand strong vibration and shock and to withstand multiple deformations caused by radial lateral and circumferential forces acting on the outer tire during driving. The body is made up of one or more layers of rubber cord, which can make the body and the whole tire have the necessary strength.