Wiring Method of Electric Bike Hub Motor

Because of the different commutation mode, the brushless motor and brushless motor not only have different internal structure, but also have great difference in connection mode.


1.The connection method of brush-motor. There are two lead wires in brush-motor. Generally, the red wire is the positive pole of the motor, and the black line is the negative pole of the motor. If the positive and negative pole switching connection, will only make the motor reverse, generally will not damage the motor.


2, the judgment of the phase angle of electric bike hub motor for sale. The phase angle of the brushless motor is the abbreviation of the phase algebraic angle of the brushless motor. The common phase algebraic angles of brushless motors for electric vehicles are 120 °and 60 °.


Determination of Phase Angle of Brushless Motor by measuring Hall Truth signal


What needs to be explained first is the magnetic pull angle of the brushless motor. The number of magnetic steel in brushless motor is generally 12 pieces 16 or 18 pieces, and the corresponding number of stator slots is 36 slots, 48 slots or 54 slots. When the motor is at rest, the magnetic force line of rotor magnetic steel has the characteristic of walking along the minimum direction of magneto resistance, so the stop position of rotor magnetic steel is exactly the position of stator slot salient pole.


The magnetic steel does not stop at the center of the stator slot, so the relative position of the rotor to the stator is only 36 or 54.